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Sending out a bad message?

Really? Let’s examine this, shall we? They can try to avoid it as much as they like, but the simple truth of the matter is that teens have sex. Not all teens, but it’s hardly a foreign concept. And if they haven’t, it’s not as if Glee is the first time they will be exposed to the topic of sex either. Sex is all over the media, kids are exposed to it from a very young age, in some cases too young. There are programs which do portray sex in a bad light, encouraging promiscuity etc, but Glee is certainly not one of them.

The First Time showed two couples that had been dating for a long time and are obviously very much in love with each other, making the decision to take the next step. Surely this is exactly the message parents want their kids to hear. That when it does happen, it should be with someone you love, and it should be for the right reasons. Glee handled the topic beautifully and the final scene wasn’t graphic, or inappropriate in any way. It just showed two couples in love. Because that’s exactly what The First Time was about. 

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