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Anonymous asked: "I'm at a point where i can feel myself possibly slipping into bad eating habits. you're helping me realise that i don't want that and fight that desire. thank you."

This means so much to me, thank you for telling me this. I’m honoured that I could play some part in helping you stay healthy. I’m proud of you for fighting the bad thoughts, I can promise you that nothing good ever comes from giving in to the thoughts, but fighting them off? That’ll bring you happiness xxx

moderatelyelevated asked: "I just wanted to let you know (in regards to your feelings that ed consumed so much of your life) that I had the same feelings for a while, and still often do, during the middle of my recovery. I've come to realize that my post-ed self is so much more wonderful because of all the experiences and shit I had to go through. I'm not happy I had to go through it to get where I am today, but I'm happy with the end product. Your recovery only makes you a stronger woman. Your recovery is inspirational."

That’s a really positive way of looking at it. I’m trying to see it that way too, and to think of all the little silver linings. Like all the people I’ve met in this community, who I’d never have known otherwise, and how this experience will make me a more empathetic, compassionate doctor when it comes to mental illness, and how it’s made me stronger as a person. I’ve fought my way back from near death, I’m saving myself a little more every single day. If I can achieve that, I can do anything :)

Anonymous asked: "Out of interest, what was the reason behind that post about whether people find your blog helpful? You said there was one?"

Oh right, I forgot to say, thank you for reminding me!

Basically I was having a bit of a low moment. I was furious at my eating disorder for taking away 6 months of my life, and drastically affecting god knows how many more. I was upset and frustrated at all that wasted time, because it was all for nothing. I don’t know what it was I was searching for but I certainly never got it. So I made that post because if I’ve been able to help other people in my recovery, then at least something good has come out of it. It feels like it’s not all been for nothing :)

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Could you please like/reblog this post if you do or ever have found my blog and the things I post helpful, in any way?

This isn’t just fishing for compliments, there’s an actual reason behind this I swear :)

ghoulpeach asked: "You can also use the parental controls on your phone to block the app if you want so it won't show up at all."

Ooo ok thanks, I’ll try that :)

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This morning has been weird. 

At first it was like any other Sunday morning, lazy slow wake ups, cuddles…etc etc etc (yes, that is a thing that my body is capable of doing again!!) and then we went downstairs so I could let Phil out (I had to start working) and found my housemates friend had decided to deep clean our kitchen. Like, the inside of the oven and everything. It was really very odd.. He’s now moved on to the bathroom, there is no stopping him. 

And on the way back upstairs I popped into my housemate’s room to check she was ok (she was pretty drunk before they even left last night) and found her naked in bed with a guy. I totally predicted it, after watching them at predrinks last night, but still. I’m a tiny bit scarred. 

Ahh student life..

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"and maybe you’re just scared of letting go of who you are because you don’t know anything about the person you’re going to become but that’s not okay"
— stop letting fear control your life, stop letting your worries control who you are, let go, be free, be you, be amazing (via metamorphosisofmeg)


Great Reno Balloon Race - Nevada - USA (von Beau Rogers)


Great Reno Balloon Race - Nevada - USA (von Beau Rogers)