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harrietfindinghappiness asked: "Good luck for your exam tomorrow! You'll ace it all! 😊 I know you will xxxx"

Thank you lovely <3

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Tomorrow I have to meet my consultant for my placement assessment, hand that in, hand in my 5 mini-assessments, hand in my Ethics Report (finally done fuck yeah) AND take my Advanced Clinical Skills exam. It’s a 1hr 15mins exam under direct one-on-one observation whilst I carry out various clinical skills on mannequins and talk through the entire thing. That’s one hell of a long time to be watched for, and I’m pretty nervous, but once it’s done, that’s ALL my other stresses finally gone and I can finally just focus on revision 

And to celebrate, Phil is taking me to Starbucks afterward to try out their new Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates *u* 

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homeguardsman asked: "One of the ultimate guilty food pleasures must be malt loaf with butter carved off a block from the fridge. But the butter must be a minimum of half the thickness of the slice of malt loaf."

That, my friend, sounds incredible. 

Signal boost to all my followers: you should all get on to trying this!

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i want to achieve “she’s adorable and i will protect her at all costs but also i am slightly frightened by her power”


Audrey Hepburn for ‘Sabrina’, 1954.


Audrey Hepburn for ‘Sabrina’, 1954.

recovering-for-me asked: "Stay strong. I love you. you're doing amazing!"

The same to you darling, I’m so so proud of you for choosing recovery! It’s such a brave decision, and if you stick to it, it’ll bring you so much happiness. Best wishes, I’m here if you need anything <3

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Anonymous asked: "Do you have snapchat?"

Yes I do, I hardly ever use it though. Message me off anon if you want to add me, but I warn you, I’m very sporadic with my usage. I’ll go for weeks and weeks without a single snapchat and then BAM you’ll get 20 bad selfies in 20 mins

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Anonymous asked: "your mayonnaise comment reminded me of how I convinced myself I hated butter for 5 years....I LOVE BUTTER!!!!!!!!!! - sometimes I have a bit of bread with it too :)"

So proud :’) Life is too short to deny ourselves the things we love, I can finally see that now

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cat cuddles her kittens and adopted ducklings